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Explore at the AUAS is rooted in professional practice. This practical, scientific research has a number of different functions, including the development of knowledge and the application of that knowledge in professional practice and society. Knowledge developed at the AUAS also provides valuable input for our degree programmes.

The goal of the research is both improvement and innovation of professional practice. The research produced is of high quality, and the research structure and methodology satisfy all necessary criteria with regard to diligence, reliability, controllability, impartiality and independence.

Professors (lectors) play an important role in development of the research and research policy. As part of the research programmes, professors work together with lecturers, students and external researchers to operationalise research within the discipline in question. AUAS has 37 professors spread across the seven faculties. We also have more than 174 lecturer/researchers and nearly 525 students participating in AUAS research.

Examples of research programmes in the various faculties include:

  • Faculty of Digital Media and Creative Industries: IT in Daily Life
  • Faculty of Business and Economics: Innovation and Participation in the Knowledge Economy
  • Faculty of Training: Pedagogic Functions
  • Faculty of Health: Tailormade Healthcare
  • Faculty of Applied Social Sciences and Law: Community Care
  • Faculty of Sports and Nutrition: Effective Weight Management
  • Faculty of Technology: Airport Seaport

For more information on research carried out at the AUAS, contact our Centres for Applied Explore:

Priority areas

The AUAS has established four priority areas for research:

  • Amsterdam Creative Industries
  • Urban Management
  • Urban Technology
  • Urban Vitality

The seven schools of the AUAS work together in these research priority areas, cooperating across all disciplines to resolve metropolitan and societal issues. Our specific expertise in these fields distinguishes the AUAS from other universities of applied sciences. Alongside these four priority areas, the AUAS also has two additional themes of focus: Urban Training and Entrepreneurship. The AUAS has also founded two Centres of Expertise: the Knowledge Distribution Centre for Logistics and Amsterdam Creative Industries.

Published by  Communication 27 January 2016