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Grading system in the Netherlands

The AUAS uses the Dutch grading system. Grades are awarded on a scale from 1 tot 10, in which 1 represents a very poor result, and 10 an outstanding performance. The minimum passing grade is 5.5.

Official Dutch grading scheme

10 Excellent
9 Very good
8 Good
7 More than satisfactory
6 Satisfactory
5 Almost satisfactory
4 Unsatisfactory
3 Very unsatisfactory
2 Poor
1 Very poor

The Transcript of Records will only feature round figures. For example, a grade between 6.0-6.4 will be rounded down to a 6, a grade from 6.5-6.9 will be rounded up to a 7.

Grades 1-3 are rarely used. And also a 9 or 10 is seldom awarded.

Published by  Communication 11 April 2016