Hogeschool van Amsterdam

Amsterdam Centre for Innovative Health Practice


ACHIEVE conducts practice-oriented research into concrete and current issues in the care sector. The knowledge developed as a result contributes to care innovation and the development of bachelor programmes and postgraduate education in the Faculty of Health. Our research is focused on two themes: Complex Care and Urban Vitality.

Complex Care

This research program is focused on interdisciplinary health care in patients with complex problems caused by for example multimorbidity. Within the faculty, we have an outpatient clinic in collaboration with the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam. In this outpatient clinic, called Polifysiek, our lecturers are working as health professionals, educating students, and doing research for example on cardiac rehabilitation after heart failure. Other examples of our interdisciplinary approach in patient care, research and education are:

  • Risk stratification regarding diagnostics and intervention in oesophageal cancer patients
  • Cardiac Care Brigde regarding transition of care in severe cardiovascular patients (life style, training and return to work)
  • The Hospital ADL study: to follow up geriatric patients after admission in a hospital
  • Interdisciplinary follow-up of patients admitted to the Intensive Care

Urban Vitality

This research program is focused on collaboration cross-faculty within the UAS and professionals in the field. Real-life urban problems are addressed to promote and optimize health of the citizens in Amsterdam. Examples of collaboration are:

  • The Vitamine study: to train community dwelling older people regarding functional independence in combination with E-Health and dietary advices
  • The clinic for under-insured citizens (health care and welfare)
  • Intermediate care: In a ‘neighborhood hospital’ we want to improve the health care transition of older people with complex health care needs from a university hospital towards primary care.
  • Age friendly city
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To further the development of inter-professional collaboration, ACHIEVE’s research brings together lecturers and students from various schools. Working together thus allows them to learn from each other and share knowledge from various disciplines, both in the field of care and beyond it.

Together with the Academic Medical Center (AMC), ACHIEVE maintains six professorships. The corresponding professors work on practice-oriented research from their positions in these two organisations, together with students, lecturers and researchers of AUAS.


Published by  Faculty of Health 28 October 2016