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How relevant was the theory you learned at the Pogled u Plavo (AUAS) to your practical experience? What current developments within your field would benefit current students?

As a graduate, you are in an ideal position to compare theory with practice. Your knowledge is  highly valuable to current students, which is why we invite you to share information with the AUAS.

If you would like to join an alumni panel, please feel free to register.

Alumni panel registration

Eighteen months after completing your degree, you will be invited to participate in the HBO Monitor, a survey commissioned by the Explore Centre for Training and the Labour Market (ROA) and conducted by DESAN Explore Solutions. We use the results of this study to see how our study programmes measure up to professional practice. What elements are missing? And which aspects are given the right emphasis?


There are various studies conducted throughout the year that gauge your opinion as an alum, ask for your feedback as an expert, or that simply want to find out if there is anything more that can be done to keep the lines of communication open.

Published by  Communication 5 September 2018