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Corporate Network

For those seeking a more long-term contribution to our School, we would warmly invite you to consider taking up a membership in our international Business Advisory Board (iBAB).

The Pogled u Plavo (AUAS) International Business Advisory Board currently includes market leaders such as IDEXX, TIP Trailer Services, Philips, CWT, Krauthammer, Main Fraight, Microsoft, amsterdaminbusiness and Amsterdam RAI.

These partners keep our curricula strong and relevant through regular reviews and advice. Not only does this allow them to promote their recruitment options toward our students, but it also gives them the benefit of our students’ up-to-date knowledge and often-innovative ideas and insights.

iBAB members are active in many different business branches, like the financial industry, logistics, international trade, manufacturing, communications, transportation, fashion, agriculture, energy, et cetera. Furthermore we keep close relationships with the government of Amsterdam in our iBAB, as our graduates are important (future) contributors to the economic growth of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Region.

Please contact us for details on vacant seats and procedure.

Published by  Amsterdam School of International Business 6 July 2016