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Thesis and Internship

Having young talent in the office for a few months and teaching them the ins and outs of business is most rewarding. With their state-of-the-art education and fresh experience, there may be things that our students can teach your people as well.

Thesis and internship

The internship is an important practical section of the main phase programmes. During the internship of 20 weeks students cooperate in the activities that your company carries out. In their fourth year, students work independently on a thesis project, which focuses on managing a change within their organisation.

The project includes research, analysis, advice and in some cases implementation and evaluation. Please contact us to discuss internship and thesis possibilities.

Internship and thesis projects Amsterdam School of International Business

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Business Explore

Business research is time-consuming and often non-core to your business. For our students however, it is second nature. Please contact us with any aspects of your market that you would like to have analysed, surveyed or explored.

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Internship and Thesis Office Amsterdam School of International Business

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Published by  Amsterdam School of International Business 9 May 2017