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The Aviation Explore programme performs applied research related to real-life cases and problems in the business sector, with the goal of improving and innovating professional practice. Recently, for example, we designed a toolbox that helped a private jet maintenance company to lean up their business process from 56 to 13 steps.

At our research department researchers and PhD-candidates from different nationalities are working together with students and partners. We perform all of our research projects in close cooperation with the industry, governmental agencies and academic institutions. This ensures a solid connection with state-of-the-art scientific knowledge, as well as a focus on the most urgent and current problems and challenges on the work floor. The outcome of our research can be implemented within a short period.

Aviation research programme focuses on four main research themes: Maintenance, Safety, Capacity and Composites.

Maintenance Process Improvement & Data Use

We explore the possibilities of process improvement for Small- and Medium Enterprises in the Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) sector.

Human Factors and Safety

We explore the available methods in order to develop an inclusive and realistic model for safety performance, and we evaluate the use of technology in the evaluation and enhancement of human performance.

Airport and Airspace Capacity

We study ways to optimize airport capacity based on regional economic developments.

Advanced Maintenance Technologies 

We are working on a new, non-destructive ultrasonic detection method for composite damage.

Published by  Centre for Applied Explore Technology 9 August 2018