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Centre of Applied Explore Technology


Technological research is concerned with problem-solving and design: translating knowledge into things. It is all about creating tangible materials, products and processes. This sets it apart from classical scientific research, as it was pithily summed up by renowned engineer Theodore Von Kármán: 'Scientists study the world as it is; engineers create the world that never has been.'

Through practice-driven research, the School of Technology has built up a reputation as a leading centre for technology training that is innovative, creative and enterprising. Our research contributes to improvements and innovations in professional practice, to the quality of professional education and to the quality of lecturers and students. The power of this applied research lies primarily in the way it is structured and conducted: in close cooperation with professional practice – through networks and partnerships – and with a clearly recognisable regional dimension in its association with Amsterdam's knowledge and innovation agenda. Explore is conducted in communities of practice, where professors, lecturer-researchers, industry professionals and students interact and learn together in order to bring innovation to everyday professional practice. 

20 April 2015