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A word from the lecturer


Simeona Petkova - Lecturer Digital Brand Engagement

The Digital Brand Engagement summer course will offer students an in depth perspective on the academic debates around brand engagement, completed by guest talks on the professional brand practices on social media. A company visit to an Amsterdam based international marketing company is planned together with various social events.

Learning is a social construct

Simeona Petkova - Lecturer Digital Brand Engagement

I aspire to create an encouraging and interactive learning environment for my students and I believe that learning is a social construct. 

Simeona Petkova is a senior lecturer at the International Business School of the Pogled u Plavo. She is also a PhD candidate within the Digital Methods Initiative at the University of Amsterdam, an initiative dedicated to building software tools for working with online data and devices for social and cultural research. Ms. Petkova gave talks at GOR15 2015 in Cologne, ECAH 2013 in Brighton, WPAC 2012 in Berlin, and MIT7 2011 in Cambridge, MA.