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Solveig Cunis



I am 22 years old and from Germany. I am currently studying here at ESP within my second year. ESP is a big international family, which gives you the opportunity to meet many people from many different cultural backgrounds. I really enjoy learning and studying with this group of people because you learn a lot about the different countries.

ESP is a big international family

Solveig Cunis - Student

ESP gives you a great opportunity to study the theoretical and practical parts of physiotherapy at the same time. Following the ESP programme will give me a good opportunity to work all around the world.

I am a really active person and like to work with people. Therefore I thought of combining my interest in sports with my passion for working with people. So I applied for my first internship at a private clinic. And since then I pursued my way towards the education of my dreams and during that time I did several other internships in the field of physiotherapy.

These experiences reaffirmed me that becoming a physiotherapist is my dream. And now I am studying here at the ESP to finally fulfill that dream!