Pogled u Plavo



It is very interesting to go out of the classroom and really see what is going on in the field.

Also because of the different teachers and the many different subjects, I have a broader perspective now on social work.

Karine Kaptein - student Social Work in Urban Areas

"The mixture of field visits and lectures with international teachers makes it a different experience of studying, which you will like if you are open for new ways of teaching, studying in English and happy to participate in conversations about a wide range of topics, such as human rights, ethics, community development and globalisation."

Nadine Dinkelacker - student Social Work in Urban Areas

"It is so interesting that it’s in an international class, because I am learning an extra dimension on the knowledge by swapping experiences with peers from other countries. After this minor, I feel like I am a ton of knowledge wiser which helps me become a more professional social worker!"

Derk van Winden - student Social Work in Urban Areas