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Exchange programmes

Students with international ambitions and a passion for technology, please apply for one of our exchange programmes. We offer several exchange programmes in English through out the year.

  • Each year the Faculty of Technology receives exchange students. You can study for one or two semesters under the terms of an inter-institutional agreement between the Faculty of Technology and your home university. If your home university doesn’t have an agreement with us, please make sure to fill out the application form before the deadline and we will check whether we can admit you to our programme. Note that there will be tuition costs involved in this case.

To find out whether your home university has an agreement with us, please consult the list of our  partner institutes.

In study year 2018-2019 the Faculty of Technology offers exchange programmes in English within the following departments:

Department of Built Environment (only spring semester)

  • Architecture (Architectural Technology and Architecture) -  brochure

Aviation Academy

Department of Engineering (only spring semester)

Department of Logistics (runs both semesters)

International Business in Mainport and City Logistics

If you wish to follow a semester at the Faculty of Technology please read the application process below. 

Application deadlines

You can start the application procedure by filling in the application form together with the requested documents.  

Autumn semester (first semester or whole academic year):

1 May

Spring semester (second semester):

1 November 

How to apply?

Our application form for the Autumn semester 2018-2019 will be available online in March.

Please fill out our online application form (on the bottom of this page) before the requested deadline!

Only for Architecture students:

Please send your portfolio (A3 page file/A3 PDF format) with student work and teacher reference with WeTransfer seperately (not by e-mail). Please make sure you do not send the portfolio before 1 November, as it will be downloaded after the deadline.

Semester dates*

Academic calender 2018-2019


Start date

End date

full year students

03-09-2018 07-07-2019

semester 1 students

03-09-2018 03-02-2019

semester 2 students

04-02-2019 07-07-2019

*Please be aware of different end dates for Aviation programmes and Housing contracts.

Credits (ECTS)

The Faculty of Technology uses the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), which is based on the workload students need in order to achieve expected learning outcomes. ECTS is based on the principle that 60 credits measure the workload of a full-time student during one academic year. Please read here for more information.

Please note that we expect you to obtain 30 ECTS per semester.

Grading System

Dutch grades range from 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest). Grades of 5.5 and higher are passing grades. The highest grade 10 is only rarely awarded to a student's work. An 8 is considered a high mark, a 7 is more common.


Quality Assessment

ECTS grade

Dutch grade


Excellent/Very good


8.0 - 10.0




7.5 - 7.9


More than satisfactory


7.0 - 7.4




6.5 - 6.9




6.0 - 6.4




0.0 - 5.0

Incoming exchange students

Within the Autumn en Spring semester the students have two possibilities to obtain the needed amount of credits: 1 exam and 1 resit. Both are offered within these semester periods.

Remark for Aviation students:

The programme ‘Airline network planning and terminal layout’ will offer resits in the week  after the semester ends.

Outgoing exchange students

The students are obliged to obtain 30 ECTS at the host university. Only in exceptional cases a resit may take place at the home university with permission of the host university, our exam committee and student counselor. The home international office will facilitate the resit and the program will cover the invigilator.

*Please check our website for the semester dates.

We don’t have any scholarship possibilities for incoming students who follow an exchange through our partner network.

At the moment the Faculty of Technology offers the Master program Structural Engineering, however we dont have any exchange possibilities. All our full degree bachelor programs are taught in Dutch. A sufficient knowledge of the Dutch language is required to enter the program, please visit our website for more information. Our exchange programmes are offered in English.

Check what the possibilities are within your university for an Erasmus+ scholarship.

What is the required level of English?

You must master the English language at a B1 according to CEFR language proficiency levels.

Do you offer Fulltime Bachelor or Master programmes?

No, our Fulltime Master and Bachelor programmes are offered in Dutch.

Do you offer accommodation?

Yes,please indicate on the application form whether you want us to arrange housing. 

How much will my living expenses be?

You will approximatly spend 800 euro per month.

Can I follow a Dutch Language course?

Yes, we offer a Survival Dutch Course for free! In the survival Dutch course you will learn the basics of the Dutch language, level A1.

When do I receive my Transcript of Records?

You will receive your transcripts of records approximatly 4 weeks after the end of our semester. We will send your Transcript by e-mail.

What is a Buddy?

You will be connected with a Dutch student of your study program, he or she will guide you during your stay in Amsterdam

Do you help me to obtain my visa?

Yes, we offer Visa facilities for students who come for an exchange through our partner network. Please indicate on the application form whether you need a visa. 

Do I need to registration at the municipality?

Yes, under Dutch law every person who is planning to live in the Netherlands for more than 4 months must register with the municipality of the town where they live. Please read more information here.

Do I need health Insurance in the Netherlands?

Yes, please check before you come to the Netherlands whether your insurance will cover the complete period of your stay abroad, and what type of coverage you have. Please read more information here.

Can I work while studying?

Whether or not you need a work permit to work in the Netherlands depends on your nationality. Please read more information here.

For all other questions please check this website.

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