Entrepreneurship lunch with Nikki Scholten


Tuesday 9 October Nikki Scholten, junior researcher Sociology at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, will give a presentation at the Entrepreneurship lunch.

Nikki is active for the VU Refugee Academy. During the lunch she will give us insight into the informative platform that is being set up by the Refugee Academy for statusholders who have the ambition to set up a business in the Netherlands, Steppingstones4Refugees.  The website was built by four VU students on behalf of the VU Refugee Academy. The platform contains a step-by-step plan that provides status holders with information about doing market research / financial and legal entities / creating a support network and much more.

In addition to this step-by-step plan, the website also contains an overview of all organizations that are involved in helping entrepreneurs in the Netherlands: incubator and coaching programs, organizations on laws and regulations, refugee organizations etc.

Date:                     9 October
Time:                     12.00-13.00 
Location:              Amsterdam Venture Studios, Wibautstraat 3b.
Amsterdam Venture Studios is located at Wibauthuis, left of the main entrance.

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Published by  Entrepreneurship 4 October 2018