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Faculty of Digital Media and Creative Industries

The Faculty of Digital Media and Creative Industries offers a wide range of creative programmes such as AMFI-Amsterdam Fashion Institute, Business IT & Management, Information Technology and Computer Science, Creative Business, Communication, Communication and Multimedia Design. These programmes are organized into four areas of interest: Fashion, Information and Communication Technology, Media and Communication and Media Design.

At the Faculty of Digital Media and Creative Industries students can be creative, will learn how to convert their ideas into concepts and products and learn how to use their creativity in their future career. Our students embark on a journey to discover their own style, vision and expertise and are eager to learn what the new developments in the fields of design and communication are.

CREATE-IT is the applied research centre of the Faculty of Digital Media and Creative Industries. Here, professors, lecturers, students and researchers conduct applied research in collaboration with universities and other knowledge institutes, and the Creative Industries and IT sector. The results of our research greatly benefit the professional as well as the academic field, and keep our educational programmes on the cutting edge.

For more information about the areas of interest please have a look at our Areas of Interest.