Hogeschool van Amsterdam

AUAS Introduction

Experience & Festival

You will be in for a sensational time during the AUAS Experience at the Wibauthof on Thursday, 29 August between 14:00 and 17:00 hrs.


The location will be crowded with the cool activities and gadgets of AUAS divisions, showing you the wide range of services at AUAS. 

Several students organisations and associations will be at hand to help you make the most of student life in Amsterdam. You can also sample various sports at the University Sport Centre, visit the general practice to play a life-size version of the board game Operation, discover the diversity of courses at cultural centre CREA and meet the student association of your dreams.

AUAS Festival

After the AUAS Experience, have fun and let your hair down during the Festival at the Wibauthof from 17:00 hrs. The latest and greatest artists will launch your student life with a bang! Impress your old or new friends while moving to the groove of today's hottest hits and take care to have every memorable moment captured on camera. Before you even know it, the second-to-last introduction day will have come to an end at 20:00 hrs. 

Published by  Student Affairs 26 February 2019