AUAS Introduction

Student Life

On the morning of Thursday, 30 August, study, student and sports associations will be organising various free activities, so you can get to know them better. You can see which associations are taking part and what they are organising below.

A European student association with the aim of furthering the integration of students throughout Europe.

  • Crazy 88 – Go a little crazy with AEGEE by completing 88 wacky assignments. Score the most points to win a great prize!

Experience with the beautiful game of lacrosse is by no means necessary to become a member and join the club!

  • A lacrosse clinic for beginners as an introduction to the basics of the sport and to get to know the club.

NoNoMes  is a lively student association that organises drinks parties every Tuesday and great opportunities to participate in all kinds of activities.

The NoNoMes Fox Hunt – find all the foxes and answer their questions! NoNoMes members are hiding in the city centre disguised as 'foxes'. The foxes can be recognised by their striking outfits. There are five foxes: Captain America, Princess Peach, a dragon, someone wearing lederhosen and someone wearing an umbrella hat. Each fox will ask you a question about Amsterdam. If you get the answer right, you earn a point for your team. No points are awarded for a wrong answer. Whether your answer is right or wrong, the fox will tell you where to find the next fox. It's a fun way to explore the city centre. You'll end back at De Heilige Zeug, where you can enjoy another drink before heading to the KersVers Festival!

NSA is the largest Christian student association in Amsterdam, with 220 active members. Belief in God lies at the heart of NSA and sets us apart from other student associations. 

Pizza and chill in the Vondelpark – from noon until 14:00, NSA will host a sociable afternoon with games and a mood board on which you can write things you are grateful for.

Rowing on the Amstel River – Come to Skoll to row on the Amstel River and take a tour of this wonderful rowing club. The activities themselves will take no more than 30 minutes. Afterwards, there'll be an opportunity to relax on one of our beanbags or take in the view of the Amstel River from our balcony. Bring your swimming gear in case of warm weather.

SSRA is one of the five largest true student associations in Amsterdam. We are a mixed association with over 300 members. 

Escape room – early this year, some of our alumni created an escape room in the basement. During the introduction week, SSRA will make this escape room available to all new students free of charge. It's the ideal way to get to know each other better! 

De Galerie is an interactive game in which groups of 7 to 8 people have to escape from a room within half an hour. You can free yourselves by looking for clues, carrying out tasks, solving puzzles and above all by working well together.

Unitas: as the second largest student association in Amsterdam, Unitas is big enough to organise the best parties and galas, but also small enough to make sure you don't get lost in the crowd. 

Sailing – curious to discover what goes on at a student association? As well as weekly drinks parties, are you interested in galas & anniversary trips? Come sailing with us and discover Unitas!

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Published by  Student Affairs 31 July 2018