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Journals - Media and Communication

Most library journals are available only online via databases, such as Business Source Premier and the ProQuest Business Collection. 

There are also a number of printed journals on Communication, Media, Marketing and Information management in the library of the  Kohnstammhuis, near the reading tables.

Some of the print journals can be searched online:

How to find the full text of an article if you only have a reference

At times you find a reference to an article in an academic or specialist journal, but you are unable to get the full text. Chances are that the article is available via one of the databases to which the HvA has a licence. To find out, try the following:

  • Search for the article in  CataloguePlus. If the article is full-text available, you can click through to it.
  • Search for the article in  Google Scholar. At  Settings > Library links enter HvA.
  • For articles which are available via the HvA, Google Scholar will give a link to the full text (on the right).
  • Find the journal in   A-Z tijdschriften. Follow the link to browse all issues or to search within the journal.

How to find in which database you can find a specific journal

Open A-Z Tijdschriften and find the journal. Follow the link to browse all issues or to search within the journal.

UvA has the article bu HvA does not

Within the UvA you can also use the   journals and   databases to which the UvA Library has a subscription.

Published by  HvA Library 17 February 2017