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Websites Computer Science and CMD

The websites below are intended as general ICT and general multimedia resources. For the specialist websites, it is useful to have a look at a relevant Wikipedia page first.



– on gadgets, technology, inspiration and fun

  • Gizmodo - By Gawker media, for gizmo and tech news + fun.
  • SlashGear - A lot about mobile tech.
  • Tweakers - Dutch site on gadgets and tech.
  • TechnologyReview - By MIT on ongoing research, readable as well as relevant!
  • Ars Technica - Backgrounds to developments in ICT.
  • Wired - Modern living and tech, allround background stories.
  • TED - Inspiration, innovation, informative

Computer science

– development in ICT, business and game development

  • Computerworld - Good topics, with registration for Insider articles.
  • Computable - News + articles, and also whitepaper articles after registering.
  • Webwereld - More web-oriented news and articles [in Dutch].
  • Gamasutra - About the art and business of game development.
  • GameCowboys - Dutch site on games [in Dutch].
  • GameDev.net - Game development with a good forum and articles.
  • Programmers Heaven - A resource for code nerds.
  • Robotic Magazine - Robots, robotics and the hardware + software.


– web design, inspiration and media

Published by  HvA Library 25 May 2016