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accommodation and room types

The AUAS offers various kinds of rooms, including shared rooms, private rooms with shared facilities and private rooms with private facilities. The rental prices range from approximately €410 to €800 per month, depending on the type of room (shared/private with shared/private facilities) and room size.

Student housing locations

The AUAS accommodations are located in different areas of Amsterdam and Diemen. Room types and locations range from a flat with other students in the South East of the city to small scale accommodation in the city centre.

All student buildings can be reached easily by public transport or by bike. Please note that you cannot apply for a specific location, but you will either receive a room offer, or you will be invited to search the housing corporation’s databases for available rooms.

Mixed floors and RA's

Most international student rooms are situated on floors with only international students. However, some are located on floors where the majority of tenants are Dutch. Here you will have the opportunity to make Dutch friends, and a first-hand introduction to Dutch culture and the Dutch language. When reserving a room on such a floor, you will be expected to comply with existing house rules. Although many Dutch students speak English well, the main language on these mixed floors will be Dutch. If you would like to live with Dutch students on one floor, please contact the international office of your AUAS faculty.

Resident Assistants (RA’s) are Dutch students who live with the international students in a number of buildings. They can help with all kinds of questions about the building, your room or your housemates. Also, the RA’s organise drinks and activities.


In case there are any special needs regarding your accommodation due to disabilities please contact the international office of your AUAS faculty


Although the housing corporations do their best to meet students’ reservation preferences, they cannot guarantee that everyone’s preferences are met. 

Published by  Student Affairs 17 December 2018