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3rd International U!REKA Conference

Shaping Urban Communities: Smart and Sustainable Solutions


From 26-28 November 2018 the annual conference of the Urban Explore and Training Knowledge Alliance (U!REKA) will take place at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences. The theme of the 3rd annual conference is Shaping Urban Communities: Smart and Sustainable Solutions. The event provides a platform for AUAS professors and lecturers to present their work and to better understand the common and complementary expertise of their consortium peers, with the aim to strengthen collaboration.

Consortium Ureaka

During the event, staff members of the consortium will present their work related to six strategic themes:

  1. Migration and Urban Displacement
  2. Health and Well-being in Urban Environments
  3. Urban Sustainable Development
  4. The Smart City
  5. Explore and Innovation and the Urban Ecosystem
  6. Higher Training Explore
Published by  Communication 21 September 2018