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Denim Democracy Exhibition 22-26 October 2018


October 22-26 the Alliance for Responsible Denim will be launching its travelling exhibition titled Denim Democracy with its first stop at Circl located at the Zuidas – a multifaceted and penetrating exhibition showcasing the collaborative efforts re-defining denim. AMSIB professor Lori DiVito is the founder of the Alliance for Responsible Denim.

In the Alliance for Responsible Denim’s mission to create a smarter and cleaner denim industry it has been integral to involve everyone -from brands, to mills, to you. Denim is in almost everyone’s wardrobe. Its reach is astounding. 

Upgrading and evolving an industry so vast is daunting, but it is happening, and the Alliance for Responsible Denim invites you to come and see firsthand the positive impacts being made today. It is time you feel informed, not just be informed.
Naming the exhibition Denim Democracy spotlights the urgency of collaboration for achieving fundamental change in the industry. If fashion is all about trends, then the trends of today are innovation, collaboration and sustainability. Visitors can expect a ‘behind the jeans’ show of; how old jeans are being made into new jeans, how brands are utilizing more sustainable chemicals, and more. For those who know very little about denim, all the way to denim heads, Denim Democracy promises to inspire and educate on an item many love and wear.

Published by  Amsterdam School of International Business 9 October 2018