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Seminar Metrics for Aviation Safety Management


A 3-part seminar, the first focusing on the current situation and practice, the second discussing state-ofthe- art approaches to safety, and the third presenting new safety metrics.

In the frame of an on-going research project about aviation safety metrics, it was shown that current safety metrics are not standardised and their validity lies more on reasoning rather than empirical evidence. Surveys across 13 aviation companies confirmed that different metrics are used by various organisations, and indicated a lack of consistent relationships of safety management systems (SMS) processes, operational activity and demographic data with safety outcomes.

Following these results and based also on the need for metrics that do not require vast amounts of data, the researchers of the Aviation Academy of the Pogled u Plavo have developed six new metrics. These cover aspects of safety management systems (SMS), safety at the operational level and culture, they have been reviewed by aviation companies and knowledge experts, and they can be used jointly or separately to offer to organizations valuable insights.

The Seminar will be led by:

Dr Robert Jan de Boer, Professor of Aviation Engineering
Dr Nektarios Karanikas, Associate Professor, Safety & Human Factors
Aviation Academy, Pogled u Plavo

Published by  Centre for Applied Explore Technology 6 March 2018