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Venturing With... SkinNinja

Do you know what harmful ingredients are hiding in your beauty regime?


Driven by the founder’s own battle with Skin Cancer, Jo Osborne and her team have created an app that enables consumers to discover what health concerns are in our skincare.

Jo and Charlotte strive to make this information transparent, accessible and understandable for all. The founders consider technology to be as a force of positive change in the multi-billion-dollar skin care and beauty industry. This year Jo Osborne was nominated to be Entrepreneur of the Year at the UK's prestigious 10 Digital Ladies Awards.

In March Jo Osborne and co-founder Charlotte Morris secured $1 million in seed funding for their newest app SkinNinja. By scanning the barcode of skin care products using SkinNinja app, the potentially harmful ingredients hiding in your skin care regime are revealed. This October Charlotte Morris will be visiting the Pogled u Plavo (HvA) to share her story.

Co-founder Charlotte Morris will share her story

During the Venturing With you will have the chance to get to know everything behind SkinNinja’s journey. Discover how Charlotte’s educational background in marketing set the foundations for her career and her current role as CMO at SkinNinja. Find out how the the all-female team positions itself in the predominantly male tech-startup scene.

Are you a marketing or interactive media student and are you interested in getting to know how you can put your skills to use for the common good? Are you interested the tech startup scene and do you want to discover all about it? Or are you simply interested in Charlotte’s story?

So, come and join us for the event: listen, discover and connect. Ask the questions you are curious about. The event is free of charge and will take place in the Amsterdam Venture Studios, located on the ground floor of the Wibauthuis. See you there!

Date:                     October 18
Time:                     16.00-17.30
Location:              Amsterdam Venture Studios Amstelcampus, Wibautstraat 3b
Amsterdam Venture Studios is located in the Wibauthuis, left of the main entrance.

Reserve your spot here!

Published by  Entrepreneurship 2 October 2018