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Clarence van der Putte

Clarence van der Putte is lecturer at the AUAS Part Time Academy. He teaches Marketing & Sales.

Clarence has many years’ experience in teaching both in the Netherlands as well as abroad (Poland: Kozminski University Warsaw, University of Wroclaw | Georgia: International Black Sea University, Caucasus University and Ilia State University | Hungary: Metropolitan University Budapest | Romania: University of Babes-Boljay/Cluj and University of Art and Design/Cluj).

His teaching concept involves co-operating with real local industries thinking of expanding abroad for which students do research or work in group projects. The results of the students’ work is often of great value to the companies. His work involves many different fields, including tourism, wine production, flower bulbs, fashion, and much more.

Clarence has worked for the Amsterdam Institute of Fashion and for fashion companies like Viola Spiechowicz, Risk made in Warsaw, Monica Nera, Eszther Szelengi, M.D. Burnette, Loko Moda, Pure, and many more. He also has his own consultancy firm, InSpirity Consulting, focussed on international consulting projects. Clarence has been teaching the successful fashion summer course for the last three years in the AUAS Summer School.

On a personal note:

“My driver is curiosity and development, I studied Economy and Psychology at the University of Utrecht and the University of Tilburg . My passion is finding and taking on challenges. My students will be pressed to work together in a multi-cultural setting and the greatest compliment I can give is when I let them do their work without my involvement, but of course with my necessary coaching.”

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Published by  Faculty of Business and Economics 21 December 2017